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The Boss Is Up For An Award!

So we had to share a photo of the excitement on her face when she found out she was a finalist for the CBWC Awards in the category of 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year'.

This has all unfolded in the past week. On Tuesday night while we were all setting up for a private function, she quickly checked her emails and let out a squeal of excitement.

She knew she'd been anonymously nominated by a member of the public but wasn't sure if she would make it through to finals (we knew she would).

Last year was a blast because she took us all on the ride for every award nomination she received in 2017 and if this is a sign of what 2018 has in store....then this is going to be an incredible year for all of us!

There is one thing she has taught us as a team - always keep pushing yourself to new heights and that's exactly what she is doing. She is a strong leader for all of us and continues to lead by example every single day.

SO we wanted to sneak on her and give her a little shout out from all of us.

CONGRATULATIONS BOSS - do us all proud and show the rest of FNQ what you are made of.

- Anese and the Team

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